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TPS 90 series combination meter available from Air-Met Scientific

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article image TPS 90FLMV Combination Meter

Air-Met Scientific  supply a range of TPS Field Lab combination meter analysers. The TPS Field Lab combination meter analysers provide a complete measurement solution for the water quality parameters. All measurements are shown simultaneously on the 80 character display. There is no need to change modes to check any of the vital data. The user-friendly menu system on the combination meter guides the operator through all operations such as calibration and setup. Full text help and error messages are provided along the way.

The TPS 90 series combination meter is designed for rugged field applications in wet environments. The case, keypad and connectors are rated to IP65. To comply with GLP guidelines, the date, time and results of the last calibration are stored in memory, along with the unit's serial number. This data can be displayed or sent directly to the RS232 port. Every calibration including warning of failed calibration is also provided in the reading. All readings stored in memory are stamped with the date and time.

Automatic datalogging provides the capability to automatically record up to 1808 readings at user-set intervals. All recorded data can be downloaded directly to a printer or a computer with the standard RS232 port. With the WinTPS communication software, many instrument functions can be controlled from the computer. This makes the units suitable for remote monitoring. The combination meter measures pH, redox, conductivity, salinity, dissolved oxygen and temperature.

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