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Single gas monitor provides high-end features

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article image Includes a top-mounted sensor.

INDUSTRIAL Scientific, represented by Air-Met Scientific , has introduced the GasBadge Plus and its next generation line of single gas monitors.

The GasBadge Plus provides low-cost, personal protection from dangerous levels of carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, oxygen, nitrogen dioxide or sulfur dioxide with a number of high-end features not found in other similarly priced instruments.

At 2.5oz (72g), the two year, maintenance-free monitor's compact size and lightweight allow it to be worn comfortably with a variety of clip attachments.

With the top-mounted sensor, the unit can also provide continuous and unobstructed protection even when placed in a shirt pocket.

The GasBadge Plus is housed in a rugged enclosure that is extremely durable and resistant to water (IP66/67 certified) and radio frequency interference.

A concussion-proof overmould protects the unit from extreme abuse in a variety of harsh industrial environments.

The large, LCD display includes a backlight for clear display visibility in low-light conditions and international graphic symbols for easy operation.

The GasBadge Plus can be configured to display gas readings in percent by volume or in parts per million, and is capable of showing both gas type and direct gas readings, or just the gas type.

The instrument's two-button interface provides intuitive navigation and setup, which can be password-protected for added security.

With user adjustable alarm and calibration gas setpoints, the monitor can be customised for any industry or application.

When gas concentrations exceed the preset limits, GasBadge Plus alerts the user with a powerful audible alarm complemented by vibrating and visual alarms.

The standard confidence indicator, automatic self test and user-activated test provide an extra measure of assurance that the GasBadge Plus is always ready to protect from atmospheric hazards.

Each GasBadge Plus monitor carries a two year warranty and includes a standard event logger that records the past 15 alarm events.

Data downloading and instrument configuration is made simple with either the optional GasBadge Datalink or Cal Plus Calibration Station accessories. The wall-mountable Cal Plus also simplifies instrument management with push-button calibration and bump testing, as well as immediate test reports and documentation.

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