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RA 915+ mercury analysers available from Air-Met Scientific

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article image RA 915+ mercury analysers provide interference free analysis

Available from Air-Met Scientific , RA-915+ mercury analysers employ a differential atomic absorption spectrometry technique which is employed using the direct Zeeman effect.

This portable spectrometer has been specifically designed for interference free analysis and monitoring of mercury content in the ambient air, water, and soil, as well as natural and stack gases, chlorine alkali manufacturing, spill response, hazardous waste, foodstuff, biological materials.

RA915+ mercury analysers feature a 10 metre multipath optical cell and Zeeman background correction. This helps to minimise interferences and offers high sensitivity.

These mercury analysers provide direct detection of mercury without its preliminary accumulation on a gold trap and have a very low mercury detection limit in air (2 ng/m3) in real-time operation mode.

Additionally, the built-in test cell provides field performance verification.

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