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Q-Trak indoor air quality meter from Air-Met Scientific

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The Q-Track indoor air quality meter, available from Air-Met Scientific , measures CO, CO2, temperature and humidity. The air quality meter is an easy-to-use, air quality monitoring instrument, providing real-time measurements and can log data unattended over an extended period of time.

The Q-TRAK Plus indoor air quality meter operates for over 20 hours on four AA batteries (included), or an AC adapter (included) that offers continuous, unattended operation.

The Q-TRAK Plus IAQ monitor comes with TRAKPRO Data Analysis Software for Windows. The TRAKPRO software allows the users to:

  • Program the Q-TRAK Plus Indoor Air Quality monitor for custom data logging sessions
  • Download the data into the PC
  • Create, view and print presentation quality charts illustrating how indoor air quality changes over time
Download software and cables are also available with the Q-TRAK Plus IAQ monitor

The Q-TRAK Plus indoor air quality monitor’s sensors and easy-to-read graphics allow real-time, simultaneous display of temperature, relative humidity, CO2 and CO.

Users can review previously stored data without interrupting a test in progress. The Q-TRAK Plus air quality meter also provides key reference measurements like dew point, wet bulb and percentage of outside air for ventilation calculations.

Expanded data logging capacity allows user-selectable logging intervals and start/stop times. During unattended operation, the Q-TRAK Plus can store up to 33 days of data collected at one-minute intervals. Data can be quickly downloaded for in-depth analysis and reporting, using the provided TRAKPROTM Data Analysis Software.

Users can also perform single-point tests for quick building surveys and review stored data on-screen.

The Q-TRAK Plus indoor air quality monitor features a menu-driven user interface for easy operation. On-screen prompts and step-by-step instructions guide the user through operation and field calibration.

The Q-TRAK Plus also features an adjustable hand strap for secure one-handed operation and a lockout switch to prevent tampering during unattended use.

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