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Portable gas detectors, air sampling, dust monitors from Allara Instrument Hire

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Allara Instrument Hire  is a supplier of environmental protection solutions. Allara Instrument Hire was established in 1996 to serve the OH and S Environmental market by offering top quality, portable hire equipment. Allara Instrument Hire keeps updating its hire instruments through on line services.

The instruments offered for hiring by Allara Instrument Hire include portable gas detectors (single, multi gas, confined, gas leak, isocyanate, tube detectors), air sampling (skc pump, pump calibrators, indoor air quality), dust monitors (real time dusters, high volume samplers), sound and noise meters.

Allara Instrument Hire's Gas Badge Pro is pocket sized single type portable gas detector with polycarbonate shell which protects from harshest conditions. Gas Badge Pro has an LCD Screen that shows battery status. These instruments contain an infra-red light which helps in downloading datas. Also contains adjustable alarm, visual and vibrating alarms.

Leakator 10 from Allara Instrument Hire is low maintained combustible gas detection unit operated by alkaline C-cell batteries. Leakator is manufactured as 20 inch long probe so that it can reach hard areas and enables in pointing out small leaks qucikly. Gases that can be detected using this instrument are Acetone, Acetylene, Butane, Benzene, Propane, Hexane etc. These can be applied in residential, commercial and industrial installations.

Q-Track Indoor Air Quality Meter helps in checking the temperature,CO,CO2 and Humidity by monitoring the instruments. Q track functions for over 20 hours on 4 AA batteries.

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