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Photovac iExplorer diacetyl monitors from Air-Met Scientific

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Air-Met Scientific Pty Ltd  presents Photovac iExplorer diacetyl monitors designed to measure diacetyl concentration in various foods.

Photovac, Inc. specialises in the manufacture of volatile organic compound monitors. The new diacetyl monitors introduce diacetyl measurement capability for the Explorer portable gas chromatographs.

Diacetyl is an artificial flavouring agent used in popcorn, chips and candy to provide a buttery taste, but has also been linked to the development of bronchiolitis obliterans, a serious and irreversible lung disease.

The Photovac iExplorer diacetyl monitors eliminate time-consuming and costly laboratory analyses by providing the monitoring results on-site for immediate review.

Since the sample is heated to 80ºC, the Explorer will not underestimate diacetyl concentrations due to high humidity, a known issue with the NIOSH Method 2557, which uses carbon molecular sieve sorbent tubes.

Photovac iExplorer diacetyl monitors also offer datalogging capability to allow storage of readings in the instrument for downloading to a computer for subsequent analysis and recordkeeping purposes.

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