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New and Improved Ion Science PhoCheck Tiger VOC Detectors from Air-Met

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article image Ion Science PhoCheck Tiger VOC Detector

Air-Met Scientific Pty Ltd  presents the new and improved version of the Ion Science PhoCheck Tiger VOC detectors incorporating several new features based on user feedback.  

The new Ion Science PhoCheck Tiger photoionisation detectors (PIDs) offer faster and more accurate detection of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).  

MiniPID pellet/stack seal  

The pellet/stack seal has been extended to help quick reassembly of the tiny lamp and pellet. The new seal now not only holds the lamp in place within the pellet/stack ready for assembly, but it has also improved the leak integrity of the gas detectors.  

Filter cap ‘O’ ring seal  

The seal design of the VOC detectors has been modified to help users who found tightening of the disk filter cap difficult.  

The seal is made by the ‘O’ ring on insertion, and the threaded cap now only holds the seal in place.  

Tube probe  

The probe assembly has been modified and replaced with a more rugged aluminium design.  

Flow measurement  

The Tiger’s pneumatic arrangement has been changed to improve the accuracy of the flow sensor.  

Start up routine  

The PhoCheck Tiger start up sequence has been updated with functional indicators such as alarm LEDs, torch/flashlight LEDs, vibrator screen backlight and sounders that will now activate in sequence on start up.  

Stealth mode  

The stealth mode function has been added as a standard feature to enable use of the VOC detectors in a public area without causing a state of panic.  

When selected, all alarm LEDs and sounders are disabled with only the LCD alarm symbol on the screen showing an alarm has been triggered.  

Auto upgrade  

Firmware and software upgrades for the Tiger VOC detectors can automatically be downloaded from the internet by simply pressing the ‘upgrade’ button on the upgrade screen.

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