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Ion Science’s Revolutionary Photoionisation Detector for VOCs available from Air-Met Scientific

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article image Ion Science Photoionisation Detector for VOCs

A new PID instrument from Ion Science designed to detect volatile organic compounds accurately is now available from Air-Met Scientific Pty Ltd .

The new PhoCheck Tiger photoionisation detector (PID) from Ion Science offers speedy and accurate detection of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The handheld VOC detector also incorporates powerful software and performance features to set new industry standards for VOC detection.

PhoCheck Tiger photoionisation detectors are pre-programmed to detect over 450 gases, employing advanced PID technology to provide a dynamic detection range from 1 part per billion (ppb) to 20,000 parts per million (ppm), one of the widest measurement ranges on the market.

Offering fast response time, the PhoCheck Tiger photoionisation detector can return results in just two seconds. Measurement data can be downloaded instantly into a PC for analysis using a USB connection.

The VOC detector features a unique Sleep Mode function that allows data to be downloaded while connected to the Tiger PC software. Data and configuration information can be transferred normally without the pump and display running.

The handheld PIDs use the patented Fence Electrode Technology to effectively minimise risk of contamination during VOC monitoring and detection.

PhoCheck Tiger photoionisation detector display superior performance in high humidity environments without impacting other features.

The handheld photoionisation detector is supplied ready for use and PhoCheck Tiger’s advanced software features eliminate the need for complicated programming and set-up procedures.  

The Ion Science PhoCheck Tiger is available for sale and rental from Air-Met Scientific.

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