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Ion Science’s High Temperature (HT) PID probes available from Air-Met Scientific

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Available from Air-Met Scientific Pty Ltd , Ion Science’s High Temperature (HT) PID probes enable measurement of photo-ionisable gases from high temperature environments.

Incorporating a Luer fitting for attachment to the PhoCheck range of products, the HT PID probes are designed to enable greater tolerance to test temperature at the test interface.

The HT PID probes include a 30cm length of straight capillary, designed for insertion into high temperature areas and partial enclosures at temperatures of at least 300ºC.
Test gas is drawn through the capillary through a cooled capillary section and into the polymer tubing.

Readily replaceable, the PID probes must be replaced as soon as there is an indication of a persistent PID reading exceeding 1 ppm when the probe is presented to a clean cool environment.

The HT probe must be used only with an appropriate particulate filter (part number: 30622).

The HT probe’s polymer tubing section must not be exposed to temperatures exceeding 150ºC, and the Ion Science photoionisation detector itself must not exceed 70ºC.

The probe should not be used to strip out condensation that clogs PID detectors. If possible, the PID and probe must be maintained at a temperature above the dew point of the test gas.

The probe cannot be used to measure ionisable volatiles exceeding their saturation vapour pressure upon cooling to the measurement temperature.

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