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Ion Science MVI portable mercury detectors from Air-Met Scientific

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article image Mercury contamination detection in industrial premises

Ion Science MVI portable mercury detectors available in Australia from Air-Met Scientific Pty Ltd are designed to detect mercury sources in highly challenging environments.  

Prior to being labelled as an extremely toxic chemical, mercury was widely used in a host of industrial and domestic products and processes.  

A key component in batteries, auto switches, CRTs, dishwashers, HVAC equipment and lamps, mercury was also used as an important additive in paints, cosmetics, pesticides and rubber flooring.  

Mercury still remains an important chemical in a host of manufacturing processes including the production of chlorine, cement, caustic soda and sulphuric acid in addition to being used or emitted in significant quantities in power generation and dental care.  

Mercury contamination is a serious problem and occurs when mercury is not contained and leaks into the environment as a result of demolition of plants that used the chemical.  

Exposure to excessive levels of mercury can permanently damage or fatally injure the brain and kidneys. Elemental mercury can also be absorbed through the skin and cause allergic reactions.  

Occupational exposure to mercury may happen when spills of even small amounts of the element vaporise and contaminate the indoor air.  

When building premises that have historically made use of mercury are demolished, decommissioned, repurposed or refurbished, mercury that has been safely contained till then may be released into the atmosphere resulting in contamination and exposure.  

Effective mercury contamination monitoring systems are required to ensure that these facilities are safe and will not cause any health risk to workers or future occupants.  

Conventional technologies all have limitations including over-sensitivity in industrial conditions, quick saturation requiring regeneration away from the contaminated area or requirement for frequent recalibration when high levels of mercury vapour are detected.  

The Ion Science MVI portable mercury detectors are efficient solutions that help to pinpoint mercury sources in some of the most challenging environments. The MVI is the ideal survey unit for rapid and reliable mercury detection.  

Key features of Ion Science MVI portable mercury detectors:  

  • Fast and accurate, detecting mercury in just three seconds 
  • Unique dual beam UV technology maximises instrument availability, eliminating saturation or regeneration issues 
  • Provides continuous readings and offers two detection ranges of 0.1-200μg/m³ and 1.0-1999μg/m³ 
  • Detection ranges provide critical coverage for the OSHA PEL at 100μg/m³ and IDLH at 1000μg/m³ 
  • High performance pump ensures fast indication and recovery 
  • Audible alarm and large digital display clearly indicate mercury levels present 
  • Excellent portability, long battery life and fast recharging 
  • Optional data logger available 
  • Ergonomically designed for simple, one-handed operation

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