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Ion Science MVI available from Air-Met achieves accurate results in challenging environments

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article image MVI achieves accurate reliable results in challenging environments

Two Ion Science Mercury Vapour Indicators (MVIs) are delivering excellent results at mercury decontamination specialist company No Heat Resources in harsh field conditions even with extremely high levels of mercury vapour.  

Available in Australia from Air-Met Scientific Pty Ltd , the MVIs are robust and reliable with the capability for rapid mercury detection as well as continuous operation in rugged environments.  

No Heat Resources provides a range of chemical decontamination services that allow vessels to be decontaminated in a fraction of the time required by conventional methods. Using proprietary mercury decontamination chemical MeDeX 80, the company removes mercury vapour from the air at ambient temperatures with a simple spray.  

The mercury analysers are providing fast and accurate mercury vapour readings in the field, ensuring the health and safety of workers.  

Director of No Heat Resources, Mr Ryan Crowe comments that the company relies on the Ion Science MVI units every day to ensure the health and safety of all involved in the decontamination processes in extreme environments containing high levels of mercury vapour.  

Key benefits realised by No Heat Resources from Ion Science MVI units:  

  • No need to stop the analyser for servicing or regeneration as the MVI does not get saturated in high mercury contaminated environments 
  • Quick set-up times with the unit ready to go in 4-5 minutes 
  • Fast response time with no need to wait for a response after sampling 
  • Capable of continuous operation, eliminating the need to continually zero the machine 
  • Extreme accuracy in mercury vapour detection down to 0.1μg/m³ 
  • Two settings provided for working in extremely contaminated vessels 
  • Lightweight construction ensures easy portability at the work site 
  • Long battery life to last a full 10-hour shift with easy overnight charging 
  • Simple and user-friendly operation with operators ready to use the analyser in just 10 minutes 
  • Available at an economical price at almost half the cost of the next cheapest model in the market     
Key features of Ion Science mercury vapour analysers:
  • Mercury detectors with mercury detection capability in just three seconds 
  • Unique dual beam UV technology maximises instrument availability, eliminating saturation and need for regeneration 
  • Fast, accurate and continuous readings 
  • Two detection ranges of 0.1-200μg/m³ and 1.0-1999μg/m³ 
  • High performance pump ensures fast indication and recovery 
  • Audible alarm and large digital display indicate mercury levels 
  • Ergonomically designed for simple, one-handed operation     
The Cambridge, UK-based Ion Science Ltd is a world-leading manufacturer of gas detection systems as well as leak detection and corrosion monitoring equipment. 

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