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Infrared CO2 detector available from Air-Met Scientific

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Air-Met Scientific  have been supplying quality monitoring equipment for over 20 years and are proud to include the C1100 in their wide range of products.
Colourless, odorless and constant, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is naturally present in low and acceptable levels in the atmosphere.

In high quantities, CO2 remains a genuine potential risk for staff working in the confined spaces found in wineries and maturing cellars.

With the release of the new light-weight, user friendly and pocket-sized C1100 Infrared CO2 Detector, Industrial Scientific Corporation- Oldham Group have launched an ergonomic and reliable means of measuring carbon dioxide levels in vats, maturing cellars and enclosed spaces.

Long service life, easy to use and with a large LCD display screen, the C1100 is ideal to help you measure those minimum oxygen levels, to help you maintain the Australian Exposure Standard.

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