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Haz-Dust I, real-time particulate monitor from Air-Met Scientific Pty Ltd

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article image Haz-Dust I, Real Time Particulate Monitor

Air-Met Scientific Pty Ltd introduces the Haz-Dust I, a real-time particulate monitor that provides accurate and instantaneous data on airborne particle concentration in accordance with NIOSH Method 0600.

The Haz-Dust I eliminating repetitious and costly gravimetric air sampling and analysis in a number of different fields such as industrial hygiene, indoor air quality, and hazardous materials investigations.

This particulate monitor uses the principle of near-forward light scattering to measure dust concentration. Inside the instrument, an infrared light source is positioned at a 90-degree angle from a photodetector. As airborne particles enter the infrared beam, they scatter the light. The amount of light received by the photodetector is directly proportional to the aerosol concentration. No filter or gravimetric analysis is required.

The Haz-Dust I Dust Monitor is an optional to the particulate monitor which provides maximum automation of data collection thanks to a datalogger for data storage, on-screen display of statistics, and a user-selectable alarm.

The datalogger includes DustComm Pro Software for PC that provides statistical analysis, graphs, and detailed reports that can be printed for record keeping.

The following are some of the application of the Haz-Dust I

  • Easy Operation and Instantaneous Readings
  • Selectable Dual Measuring Range
  • Easy-to-read Digital Display
  • Highly Sensitive up to 0.01 mg/m3
  • Lightweight, Rugged, and Portable

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