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Gas detector for hazardous atmospheres from Air-Met Scientific

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Air-Met Scientific has been supplying quality monitoring equipment for over 20 years and has included BM25 in its wide range of products.

Moving onwards and upwards in expanding its range of gas detectors, ISC has released the BM25 for superior gas detection.

A heavy duty, high safety-level area monitor, the BM25 has smart sensor blocks, detects one to five gases simultaneously, enables long running time and fence-line/perimeter monitoring.

With data logging and ATEX certified zone 0, the BM25 is an ideal sand-alone gas detector for hazardous atmospheres in surface industries (Group II) and in underground mines (Group I).

Power is supplied to the BM25 by a rechargeable battery pack (NiMH) lasting up to 170 hours while a second lithium battery monitors and ensures storage of data for up to five years once the main battery discharges.

Safety and alarm features of the BM25 include an LCD display unit, bright red LED strobe and audible alarms (103 dB at 1 m).

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