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Automated instrument management system

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article image Makes docking instruments more economical, reliable, and practical.

Air-Met Scientific has released the DS2 docking station, an automated instrument management system designed to reduce the time and costs associated with manually maintaining a fleet of gas detection instruments.

It provides automatic bump testing, calibration, data downloading, record keeping, battery charging, settings updates, and diagnostic checks. It supports the iTX, VX500, and T82 gas monitors, making docking instruments more economical, reliable, and practical.

It has a docking station server, a docking station server admin console application, and multiple docking stations. Two-way wireless and/or Ethernet connectivity allows up to 100 instrument docking stations from remote locations to be linked. With automatic downloading and storage of all stored instrument survey data at user prescribed intervals, information can be relayed back to one central database. A graphical user interface tool allows an administrator to view operations on each docking station from a network computer. Each docking station has three separate gas inputs and the ability to share up to 14 discrete gases for calibrations when docking stations are clustered together.

Calibrations, bump tests, diagnostic tests, and hygiene data downloads can be scheduled globally for all docking stations or on an instrument-specific basis.

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