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Air-Met introduces new Ion Science CubTAC personal PID gas monitors

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article image Ion Science CubTAC personal PID gas monitor
Air-Met Scientific Pty Ltd  introduces a new range of personal PID gas monitors designed to check a worker’s breathing space for exposure to harmful compounds.
The new CubTAC personal PID gas monitor from Ion Science monitors the breathing space of an employee to measure the levels of potentially harmful compounds that the individual is exposed to as he or she moves around the plant over the course of the day.
Featuring a proprietary, high output 10.0 eV lamp, the personal PID monitors provide continuous monitoring and alarms for Total Aromatic Compounds (TACs), with market-leading ppb sensitivity and accuracy. Monitoring the full range of aromatic compounds, CubTAC affords superior protection for plant personnel, giving early warning of any harmful levels of exposure to hazardous aromatic compounds including benzene.
Calibrated on benzene, CubTAC provides real time readings which, when below the threshold for benzene, ensure compliance with local regulations.
CubTAC incorporates the same PID technology employed on the fixed and handheld Ion Science gas detectors. The unique IonPID sensor incorporates both anti-contamination and fence electrode technology for extended operation in challenging, humid and dusty environments.
Key features of CubTAC personal PID gas monitors:
  • Compact and lightweight design, comfortable and unobtrusive to wear
  • Sensitive to over 480 gaseous compounds with a range of 1 ppb - 5,000ppm
  • Fast response time of less than 13 seconds
  • Provides readings in ppb and mg/m³ on a bright, backlit LCD display with selectable data logging time
  • Multiple alarm options when exposure exceeds pre-set limits including flashing red LEDs, audio alarm and vibration
  • Variant with 10.6 eV lamp also available for monitoring VOCs

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