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Air-Met Scientific unveils Micro+ Smokerlyzer CO monitor

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The Micro+ Smokerlyzer is Bedfont’s new and advanced CO (carbon monoxide) monitor available from Air-Met Scientific .

Long regarded as the benchmark for breath CO monitors used in smoking cessation programmes and research, the Micro+ Smokerlyzer has been upgraded to provide even more functions. Perfect for monitoring adults, children and pregnant mothers.

As well as having the ability to display Carboxyhaemoglobin % (%COHb) and Foetal Carboxyhaemoglobin % (%FCOHb), the Micro+ Smokerlyzer can be used effectively in stop smoking programmes for a range of situations.

A motivational traffic light system of green, amber and red displays smoking status in relation to ppm levels. These levels can be switched between adult and adolescent settings to suit hard to motivate or low level smokers.

Custom levels can also be set through COdata+ software, useful for example when readings are taking during the morning when the patient will not have had their normal quota of cigarettes.

Patient data can be recorded on the instrument itself, including name, time of test and result, and displayed in a table or graph. The Micro+ Smokerlyzer measures up to 250ppm, enabling the monitor to also screen for CO poisoning.

Bedfont’s Micro Smokerlyzer has been used within clinical studies for over 20 years. The Micro+ Smokerlyzer is fitted with a superior sensor and anti-humidity filter and has a low hydrogen cross-interference, making it ideal for research programmes.

COdata+ is a software programme for Microsoft Windows, for use with the piCO+ and Micro+ Smokerlyzers. When connected to the Micro+ Smokerlyzer the software allows users to create custom ppm settings.

Test results stored on the instrument can be downloaded into COdata+, which provides an instant report of the patient's results. The report includes a specific interpretation of the patient's smoking habit and personal dependence on nicotine. This can be printed out and kept by the patients for their own records.

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