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Ultrasonic cleaning method from New Age

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An ultrasonic cleaner is simply a metal tank [stainless steel] that normally has ceramic piezo transducers bonded to the bottom or side. New Age has developed a method, whereby, the transducers are bolted right through the walls of the tank, thus eliminating any dampening effect of adhesives used, also eliminating drop-off of transducers when adhesives inevitably deteriorate.

The transducers work by rapidly changing size, when excited by an electrical signal. When excited, the transducer increases in size and causes the tank bottom or side to move. This creates a compression wave in the liquid of the tank.

The compression waves actually tear the liquid apart, leaving behind a void or partial vacuum bubble. When these bubbles (and there are many millions of them in an active ultrasonic tank) collapse, they collapse with enormous energy.

One will remember from high school physics that nature abhors a vacuum. When sufficient energy is built up in the bubble or cavitation, the cavitation collapses violently. The energy released is breathtaking. A jet of plasma, which can reach temperatures measured in thousands of degrees, is ejected. This replaces the user’s elbow grease.

Different chemicals are used for different tasks, but milder chemicals than those traditionally used in many industries can be eliminated or greatly reduced, with the introduction of ultrasonic technology into many and varied cleaning tasks. Ultrasonics is also used in many medical techniques as well as cleaning.

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