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RST-5 cleaning agent available from Air Automotive

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RST-5 (Resin Separation Technology) is the only future-orientated cleaning agent available today and specifically designed for the polymer processing industries. RST-5 cleaning agent is available from Air Automotive .

RST-5 is 95% water based and is a proven cleaning agent for

  • rollers,
  • brushes, moulds
  • hands,
  • surfaces,
  • bubble rollers.

RST-5 is considered by many users to be a healthier, safer and much more environmentally friendly alternative to solvents. It can also be cheaper.

RST-5 works differently to normal organic solvents:
Unlike with acetone, uncured resins do not dissolve in RST-5. Instead, the resin disperses in the RST-5 and separates, sinking to the bottom of the washing container. The resin sediment can then be removed and disposed of quickly and easily, leaving the bath of RST-5 free for further use.

One needs only to add more RST-5 concentrate from time to time to keep the cleaning power. Compare that to the dangerous, expensive and environmentally threatening alternative of acetone.

RST- 5 is:

- 100% solvent free
- non-flammable
- non-explosive
- non-aggressive
- pH Neutral 7.2-9,5
- Harmless to humans and the environment
- Biodegradable
- Economical as one reuses the solution, removing solidified resin
- Easy storage

Using RST-5 will reduce users’ chemical waste and associated costs substantially.

Reduction of weight
= Reduction of waste
= Reduction of costs

RST-5 may be used to remove resin, paints, grease, oil and ink from a wide variety of tools and brushes as well as skin and clothing. RST-5 will work with many polymers and users can even clean hands with RST-5.

It is known that acetone and other solvents can actually promote carcinogens and other toxic chemicals being absorbed through the skin, causing damage to various organs and nervous system.

A perfect degreaser
RST-5 can also be used as a degreaser for metal parts or for cleaning industrial filter systems. RST-5 works on the same principle, but instead of sinking, the grease will float to the surface and then can be easily skimmed off and removed. RST-5 helps to reduce chemical waste substantially, as only the resin residue must be disposed of.

Cost savings
Several customers report a 30% decrease in their cleaning costs.

According to some potential customers, RST-5 is a straight replacement, which can simply be used the same way as hazardous, organic solvents. This is not the case.

RST-5 is a soap and therefore must be used accordingly. Think of it like cleaning dishes; when using cold water the result is never as good as when using warm water and a brush. Use RST-5 correctly at a 115 degrees Fahrenheit or 45 degrees Celsius and a pH of approx. 7.5, and the result is truly astonishing.

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