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Clean Fleet programme by Air Automotive

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Clean Fleet:

Diesel fuel rebates are available to fleet owners who meet standards outlined in the RTA’s Clean Fleet programme.

However that is not the only reason to consider becoming a cleaner fleet. The Clean Fleet programme is totally voluntary at present, but by end June 2007, Sydney Metropolitan buses and waste transport vehicles will be required to enter contractual arrangements with councils to comply with the Clean Fleet programme.

Prevention is better than cure:

Forward thinking bus and truck fleet owners like Blue Mountains Bus and Veolia (ex Collex) have installed smoke meters in their workshops to monitor their fleets.

These smoke meters measure the density or opacity of smoke emitted from the stack. The testing itself takes only a few seconds and gives accurate information with printout if required.

Of course a well maintained engine will emit less smoke than an engine with problems. Fix the problem early and you will save potentially more expensive repairs later.

Heavy fines can be avoided:

Heavy fines being handed out for smoky diesel vehicles can be avoided with a little forward thinking. And the good news is; simple test procedures can also save costly repair bills.

The early warning aspect of these tests can actually save on repair bills in addition to preventing those fines which can be $400.00 for a first offence, and climbing dramatically for any subsequent breach, culminating in loss of licence for persistent offenders.

More details are available from Air Automotive.

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