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J+J BSR system for J3 series multi-voltage actuators

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J+J’s BSR (Battery Spring Return) system offers several advantages over mechanical spring return actuators including increased protection and cost savings.

J+J BSR system for J3 series multi-voltage actuators simply provides an alternative power supply to drive the actuator to a pre-set failsafe position in the event of a mains power failure. It has no mechanical springs and uses internal battery power.

The industrial battery is deliberately oversized and can provide many cycles at full load, offering a degree of protection in the unlikely event of the battery degrading and losing some charge.

The BSR system fits inside the J3 actuator housing, making the J3 failsafe actuators very compact and lightweight. It can be supplied as a retrofit kit containing all the parts needed to convert a standard on-off actuator.

During normal operation the J3-BSR operates as a power open - power closed actuator, simultaneously maintaining the industrial re-chargeable battery at full strength from an internal trickle charging system. In the event of a mains failure, an internal switch changes to immediately draw battery power to drive the actuator to the failsafe position.

Following a battery driven cycle, the actuator will need to charge for a short period to replace the energy used in the battery cycle.

Without any mechanical springs to compress or solenoids to release them, the J+J actuators are the same size as an on-off version, making them more competitively priced compared to mechanical spring return actuators.

J+J actuators are available in Australia from Air & Hydraulic Systems .

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