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Gauge protectors available from Air and Hydraulic Systems

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German thermoplastic valve manufacturer ASV Stübbe has redesigned its range of corrosion resistant Gauge protectors. With the body and bonnet now being connected by a special thread, the need for metal fixings has been eliminated.

Type MDM 902 Gauge protectors feature a liquid filled cavity together with a durable and flexible diaphragm to transmit process pressure to an instrument, thus offering an economical method of protecting instruments such as pressure gauges, pressure switches, etc., from corrosion and clogging, while maintaining a high degree of accuracy.

Body materials of PVC, PP and PVDF, together with a PTFE coated diaphragm, make these units suitable for use in systems controlling a variety of media ranging from water to harsh chemical, with the PTFE coated diaphragm safely protecting the pressure measuring device from corrosive attack.

End connections, threaded G1/4” & G1/2”, with NPT threads available if required, also double as spigots (sizes d25 or d32), which are suitable for solvent welding (PVC) or fusion welding (PP & PVDF).

MDM902 Gauge protectors available from Air and Hydraulic Systems , perform with a high degree of accuracy, low pressure differential and low hysteresis in applications up to 10 Bar.

Gauge protectors are available from AHS in Sydney or their distributors in other States.

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