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Feature-rich J3 multi-voltage actuators from Air & Hydraulic Systems

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Air & Hydraulic Systems  introduces the J3 range of electric actuators featuring an all-new rugged construction and a highly visible LED status light.

Taking the highly successful predecessor model, the J2 range to the next level, the new J3 multi-voltage actuators feature a weatherproof and anti-corrosive polyamide housing and several user-friendly features.

The LED status light functions as a visual indicator to show the operational status of the actuator, enabling site operators to identify the problem when an actuator doesn’t respond to a signal.

Quick and easy to install, the J3 electric actuators feature ISO:5211 multi-flange mounting and a double square drive for fast mounting to ISO:5211 valves. The cover does not need to be removed to connect the J3 electrically, saving installation time. Installations can be pre-wired using the external DIN plugs and external wiring diagrams supplied with the actuator.

Protection against valve jams is provided by an electronic torque limiter, which auto-relaxes the gearbox when activated, allowing the manual override to be selected to assist in clearing the jam.

Key features of J3 electric actuators:
  • Multi-voltage with auto-voltage sensing
  • LED status light indicates operational status of actuator
  • Electronic over-torque protection against valve jams
  • Thermostatic anti-condensation heater
  • Manual override for emergency hand operation
  • 2 volt free end of travel confirmation switches
  • IP65 weatherproof anticorrosive and UV protected polyamide housing
  • ISO:5211 multi-flange mounting with double square drive
  • All external electrical connections via supplied DIN plugs
  • CE marked
  • IS0 9000 manufacturer
  • Failsafe and digital positioner plug and play kits available
  • Digital positioner offers auto-calibrating and self-resetting functionality

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