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article image Converts low-voltage, low-current signals into high-pressure pneumatic outputs.

AIR & Hydraulic Systems has been appointed NSW distributor for the Clippard Minimatic range of pneumatic and electronic control devices.

The range includes electronic valves and manifolds, which provide a cost-effective system for efficient interfacing with electric and electronic circuits commonly found in gas analysis and the medical equipment industry.

Clippard EV/ET valves convert low-voltage, low-current signals into high-pressure (7 bar) pneumatic outputs. Optional low pressure/medium flow and low pressure/high flow models are available.

The valves are precision-built two or three-way control valves, using a valving principle with no sliding parts. Complete poppet travel is 0.18mm, resulting in low power consumption and long life.

A recent addition to this range is the EVP proportional valve which combines the features of the existing EV series of valves (long life, low power, fast response) with the ability to control air or gas flow based on current input to the solenoid. The EVP series may be controlled using dc current, open-loop or closed-loop control, and pulse width modulation to cover a broad range of applications.

Special valves made of stainless steel with Viton or EPDM seals are also available and all valves are lubricated with oxygen-compatible lubricants.

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