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Aero-drives from Air & Hydraulic Systems assist moves and controls heavy loads

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AeroGo Aero-Drives from Air & Hydraulic Systems provide motor power and steering control to move and position the heaviest loads. Drives used in combination with the optional guide wheel or in pairs provide optimum positive control.

Features of the AeroGo aero-drives include:

  • Swing-Arm Steering that easily moves and positions loads – 360 degree movement in both forward and reverse modes
  • The swing arms on the drives can be used in conjunction with guide wheels on load structure for optimum control and precision movement. These two units can be used for tandem control and superior positioning in the tightest spaces
  • The AeroGo Aero-Drive feature rugged heavy capacity
  • These drives are air driven. The high initial torque power moves heavy loads without batteries or fuel
  • Quick Attach detachable plates on the drives allow the user to use one drive for multiple loads or attach points. Plates should be welded to the load structure. Bolt-on plates are now also available
  • The user-friendly, fingertip controls on the AeroGo Aero-Drives allow the operator to easily adjust for varying loads and maneuver in any direction
  • Optional guide wheel assembly attaches to pallet load to provide positive positioning control and prevent potential side drift on slopes. Controls can be added to the drive panel for easy adjustments and operation

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