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Wireless networking system-level test system

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article image Makes RF hardware measurements possible.

AGILENT Technologies has announced a new test platform that enables easy and thorough system-level testing for wireless networking and cellular communications systems.

The Connected Solutions Workbench makes RF hardware measurements such as swept error vector magnitude (EVM), complementary cumulative density fun tion (CCDF) and bit error rate (BER) analysis possible for prototype hardware.

In the past, test systems have been configured using Agilent's Advanced Design System (ADS) EDA software and test instrumentation, which required detailed knowledge of both the wireless system and the EDA software.

Connected Solutions Workbench encapsulates tests into easy-to-use pre-configured setups without the need for extensive familiarity with the wireless system under test, EDA software knowledge, or programming skills.

Agilent's Connected Solutions Workbench includes pre-configured test setups that support wireless standards such as Mobile WiMax and wireless local area network (WLAN) 802.11a/b/g, UltraWideband and third-generation partnership program (3GPP).

For custom tests using communications standards that are not supported, R&D engineers can create custom test setups in ADS, export them to Connected Solutions Workbench, and share them with test engineers, making the tests available in the general lab environment to verify the prototype's performance prior to entering the manufacturing phase.

Connected Solutions Workbench runs independently in the PC environment and provides the high-level functions to automate the test and to perform signal creation, parameter sweeps, signal recovery, signal measurement and data handling, eliminating the need for programming languages or outmoded instrument control commands.

Agilent's ADS offers a complete set of front-to-back simulation and layout tools as well as instrument links for RF and microwave IC design in a single, integrated design flow.

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