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Wireless LAN monitoring and analysis

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AGILENT Technologies has announced wireless LAN (WLAN) support with a new centralised monitoring and analysis application for 802.11a/b/g networks.

This new offering within Agilent's network analyser solution family enables testing of WLAN performance and security, reducing the time required to deploy WLAN networks and to fix problems.

By combining these new WLAN capabilities with existing LAN, WAN, and mobile technologies, Agilent now markets a single integrated solution.

The network analyser solution family also offers the following new functionality:

* Centralised reporting for network trending analysis;

* Real-time ATM AAL-2 analysis;

* Gigabit Ethernet benchmarking per RFC 2544; and

* Multi-port analysis on traffic collected from up to 10 network segments.

These new features and capabilities enhance the network analyser family's position a comprehensive solution for all WAN/LAN layer 1-7 testing.

Efficient troubleshooting gives network operators the way to solve the most complex network problems fast.

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