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AGILENT Technologies has introduced its P-Series power meters and sensors that offer a measurement frequency range up to 40 GHz with continuous sampling, calibration-free measurements and backward compatibility with Agilent 8480 and E-Series power sensors.

The Agilent P-Series power meters provide fast, accurate and repeatable power measurements for R&D and manufacturing engineers working in wireless communications, wireless 802.11a/b/g networking and aerospace and defense.

The P-Series maximum sampling rate of 100 Msamples per second and video bandwidth of 30 MHz enables engineers to capture single shot events and perform repeatable and accurate peak power measurements.

This continuous sampling capability means that multiple measurements of the peak power and rise time of a device under test (DUT), under the same conditions, provide identical results.

Agilent is the first to provide calibration-free power measurements by integrating a dc reference source and switching circuits into the power sensor to enable engineers to calibrate the sensor while connected to the DUT.

Since zeroing and calibration are performed without removing the sensor from the DUT, this feature eliminates the multiple connections associated with using an external calibration source, thereby minimising connector wear, test time and measurement uncertainty.

Backward compatibility with all Agilent 8480 and E-series power sensors provides additional choices for conventional average power measurements over a wide dynamic range and frequency coverage from 9kHz to 110GHz.

The Agilent P-Series power meters are priced competitively with peak power analysers. The P-Series power meters join Agilent's EPM Series and EPM-P Series power meters to serve a wide range of markets and customer needs.

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