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Wafer sort and probe test solution

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AGILENT Technologies has introduced a low cost wafer-probe test solution to meet the increasing demands of today's semiconductor wafer manufacturers.

This system, the latest member of the Agilent 93000 SOC Series of scalable testers, takes advantage of the 93000's test processor-per-pin architecture and parallel multi-site testing capabilities to allow high-throughput sorting of good from bad die on wafers during high-volume production.

Since the die are tested in parallel, the Agilent 93000 Parallel Probe 400 Solution offers the industry's lowest test cost per die.

Performance improvements and price pressures are forcing semiconductor manufacturers to change the way they conduct wafer-probe test. At the die level, a test methodology called reduced pin count (RPC) allows designers to reduce the number of pins required to test digital die at probe.

RPC involves creating a scan bus or built-in self-test (BIST) bus that allows complete die testing without probing all the pads. This increases the number of die that can be tested in parallel and further drives down the test cost per die. Even with RPC, massive multi-site testing drives up the test-system pin count to 1200 pins or more.

With the RPC methodology implementation, the Agilent 93000 Parallel Probe 400 solution permits testing as many as 32 die in parallel, with up to 2048 pins per system, supporting the most demanding multi-site test requirements. This approach drastically reduces wafer-probe test times and is what lowers the test costs.

The system can apply test patterns to a depth of up to 48 megavectors (MV) at speeds up to 100Mb/s. Each test pin can be upgraded to 96MV per pin and data rates of 200 or 400Mb/s, using per-pin software upgrades that can be performed instantaneously to adapt to changing test needs.

The low-cost probe test system architecture allows users to upgrade their system, thereby protecting their capital investment. Additional pins can be added to address higher levels of multi-site test and lower the cost of test.

In addition, as a compatible member of the Agilent 93000 SOC Series, the low-cost probe test system can be upgraded with analogue cards, high-speed digital pins, RF, and more to accommodate changing test requirements.

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