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View Scope delivers accurate correlated measurements

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article image Agilent analyser with 3.30 View Scope software.

AGILENT Technologies has announced the availability of new software for the Agilent 16900, 1680 and 1690 Series logic analysers using the 3.30 version firmware.

View Scope enables accurate, automatically time-correlated measurements between Agilent's industry-leading logic analysers and oscilloscopes using standard BNC and Ethernet/LAN connections.

View Scope uses standard connectivity and dramatically simplifies and lowers the cost for correlated measurements between logic analysers and oscilloscopes.

Engineers can analyse captured analogue and digital waveform data with unprecedented ease and confidence.

Cross-domain measurements are imperative in today's complex digital designs in which analogue characteristics need to be analysed in relation to high-speed digital signals. Tightly linked, correlated instruments provide insight into circuit behaviour beyond what is available with each individual tool.

Features of View Scope include:

* Automatic de-skew - measurements between logic analysers and oscilloscopes are automatically synchronised to the trigger. This saves time by eliminating the need to manually align waveforms and provides reliable, accurate measurements.

* Combined waveform display - the oscilloscope's waveforms are displayed auto-scaled on the logic analyser's timing waveform display. This provides a comprehensive, accurate view of the timing relationships between analogue and digital waveforms.

* Time-correlated markers - the global markers in the logic analyser and the time markers in the oscilloscope are precisely correlated, providing the user with accurate cross-domain measurements.

* Standard cable connections - the physical connection between the logic analyser and oscilloscope requires two standard BNC cables for cross triggering and an Ethernet/LAN cable for data transfer.

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