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USB 2.0 receiver introduced by Agilent Technologies

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Agilent Technologies has introduced USB 2.0 receiver test functionality on the Agilent 81134A 3.35 GHz pulse pattern generator, enabling engineers in R&D to increase test coverage and automation.

Although USB electronic devices are widely used today, design test coverage is not sufficient to ensure all end-user interoperability problems are eliminated. An undetected design problem in areas such as receiver testing can have a tremendous impact on the end-customer.

Intermittent system crashes can greatly increase support costs. A problem found after shipment to the customer can cost one thousand times more than if found during the design phase.

The new USB 2.0 receiver test functionality complements the proven Agilent N5416A USB 2.0 compliance test suite. The additional receiver tests allow Agilent to provide both unprecedented test coverage and time-saving automation capabilities.

The new Agilent USB 2.0 receiver test library N5990A option 102 includes automated:

  • Receiver intra-pair skew
  • Jitter tolerance
  • Carrier skew
  • Maximum sync filed
  • Squelch test
  • Common mode voltage and
  • Differential sensitivity tests

The new tests help R&D engineers during the design, debug and characterization stages to verify the sensitivity and tolerance of the device under key parameters such as amplitude jitter and delay between differential signals.

The test setup contains the Agilent N5990A option 102 with a two-channel 3.35 GHz Agilent 81134A pulse pattern generator and an Infiniium oscilloscope. The jitter tolerance tests require an external signal generator for jitter generation through clock modulation.

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