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U1071A-004 PCI digitizer available from Agilent Technologies

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Agilent Technologies  have announced the expansion of their U1071A line of Acqiris two-channel, high-speed PCI digitizers.

The product line now includes new models that offer additional functionality that can be combined with the series' large memory capacity of up to 256 MSamples, making the PCI digitizers suitable for use in a range of applications, including automated test equipment for production test and validation.

The new 200 MHz U1071A-004 version features a sampling rate of up to 1 GS/s as well as a multi module synchronization option, which can be used to create tailored, high-performance systems.

When more than two data-acquisition channels are required, up to three digitizers can be synchronised using the 2 GHz auto-synchronization bus.

The 2 GHz auto-synchronization bus distributes both the clock and trigger signals among the digitizers in the system. It allows any digitizer to generate the trigger, while the central digitizer acts as the common synchronous clock source.

With up to six synchronous acquisition channels, applications requiring high-speed measurement around 3D space, or 3-phase electricity can now be integrated into a single desktop PC.

The U1071A-004 PCI digitizer comes in a compact size and has low power consumption of less than 15 W belies. Designed in a standard short PCI card format (170mmx107mmx16mm), the two-channel digitizer series can provide up to 1 GS/s simultaneous sampling rates on each input or, through channel interleaving, up to 2 GS/s on either channel. Analogue bandwidths now available are 1 GHz, 500 MHz and 200 MHz.

All versions now feature commutable 50ohm or 1MOhm input impedances on the input channel that allows integration of the digitizer for applications such as production test in automotive and semiconductor industries, requiring high bandwidth and high sample rate.

With the optional simultaneous acquisition and readout mode, the on-board memory is separated into multiple buffers. As data is acquired into one buffer, another can be read out through the 32-bit/64MHz PCI bus at up to 250MB/s.

In applications, such as point scan imaging, where the total data rate of the acquisition is below the PCI data bandwidth, the U1071A-004 PCI digitizer can acquire continuously, missing zero events.

Where large single block acquisitions are required, new memory options extend the 256 kSample acquisition memory to 64,128 or 256 MSamples.

In a sequence mode with maximum memory, up to 64,000 segments can be acquired. Or as a single-shot acquisition, 128 ms of data can be acquired at the full 2 GS/s sampling rate of the digitizer.

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