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Tools for testing triple-play service

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AGILENT Technologies Inc . has unveiled test and management solutions that address the challenges arising from the convergence of voice, video and data (triple-play). These tools help service providers, network equipment manufacturers and cable providers ensure the performance and reliability of next-generation networks.

Incorporating new solutions that deliver powerful insights into the real-world performance of next-generation networks, these tools help analyse the end user's quality of experience (QoE), which is a key factor in accelerating the adoption of new services. These new products improve productivity and quality of service (QoS), shorten the time needed to isolate problems and reduce the overall time needed for triple-play services deployment.

Agilent N2X - multiservices test solution for triple-play

The Agilent N2X Multiservices test solution provides the industry's most comprehensive capability for validating performance and scalability characteristics of next-generation network equipment used to deliver triple-play services.

Network equipment manufacturers and service providers can now cost-effectively and rapidly emulate real-world usage scenarios by providing unique insight into the QoE of each individual subscriber's service while the network is fully loaded with traffic. This allows the testing of new network architectures and elements in ways that closely resemble the end-user's triple-play service experience.

Agilent Network Tester - application and security tester for triple-play

The new version of Agilent Network Tester allows, in an industry first, the emulation of thousands of proprietary-application users while also being able to measure their impact on delay-sensitive voice and video application performance.

It provides a unique insight into an application-aware device's system performance limits and can simultaneously emulate multiple denial-of-service attacks, enabling verification of the end-customers' QoE, even under the most adverse conditions.

Agilent Distributed Network Analyser - troubleshooting for triple-play

The new Agilent Distributed Network Analyser PRO allows users to access the critical QoE of customers and to quickly isolate root causes. It incorporates a wide variety of access interfaces in a small, portable platform with a breakthrough wireless LAN user interface, making it the industry's most extensible tool for diagnosing network and services issues when turning-up and optimising networks.

New triple-play measurements include support for HSDPA in mobile broadband networks, video protocol analysis and an industry-first capability of directly correlating VoIP voice quality with network impairments, taking the guesswork out of analysis.

Agilent NgN Analysis System - end-to-end VoIP cable monitoring

Agilent's NgN Analysis System is the industry's leading probe-based, non-intrusive monitoring and troubleshooting system for VoIP networks. Complete end-to-end call and performance analysis enables service providers to drill down to quickly troubleshoot QoE problems.

Agilent has extended the NgN Analysis System to address the needs of cable VoIP service providers to ensure high quality of service (QoS). Through the added support for common open policy service (COPS) protocol and for Cedar Point Softswitches, the system displays end-to-end call flow records for advanced performance metrics and real-time and historical call analysis.

"These converged test solutions can increase tester productivity, eliminate test bottlenecks and accelerate the deployment of triple-play services," said vice president and general manager of Agilent's Computing and Networking Solutions, Werner Huettemann.

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