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AGILENT Technologies has announced that it is adopting the Interchangeable Virtual Instrument (IVI)-COM driver standard for connecting its test and measurement (T&M) equipment to PC software development environments and applications.

The shift aligns Agilent T&M equipment with common PC standards and allows test and design engineers to take advantage of productivity gains made possible by advances in PC devices and software.

The IVI-COM drivers are based on the Microsoft Component Object Model standard and work in the Agilent T&M Programmers Toolkit and common application development environments, such as Microsoft Visual Basic, Visual C++ and Visual Studio .NET.

Engineers can use IVI-COM drivers to develop software that controls T&M equipment. The drivers also simplify system maintenance because test applications are more stable and enable users to keep pace with T&M technology.

Agilent's adoption of IVI-COM drivers follows its announcement of support for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, the release of its T&M Programmers Toolkit, and the launch of the Agilent Developers Network.

The Agilent T&M Programmers Toolkit, which extends Microsoft Visual Studio .NET into the test and measurement industry, supports both IVI-COM and IVI-C drivers and provides a driver wrapper wizard to facilitate the use of existing VXI plug-and-play drivers.

Agilent plans to release drivers that comply with the IVI-COM Open Architecture, later this year, as well as class compliant drivers. The initial collection of drivers is expected to support more than 40 Agilent instrument models.

The drivers will be available for free download from the Agilent Developers Network Web site at www.agilent.com/find/ADN.

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