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Tektronix-to-Agilent Probe Adapters for Oscilloscopes

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A new range of Tektronix-to-Agilent probe adapters has been introduced by Agilent Technologies to enable engineers to connect Tektronix probes to Agilent’s oscilloscopes.  

The N2744A T2A probe adapters connect Tektronix TekProbe-BNC Level 2 probes to Agilent's Infiniium and InfiniiVision oscilloscopes.  

Introduced as a solution to meet customer needs outside of Agilent’s traditional product offering, the probe adapters provide the necessary probe power, calibration and offset control to Tektronix probes.  

Engineers who already own Tektronix active probes are benefited by the new adapters as they can now use Agilent oscilloscopes without having to purchase new probes.  

In addition to the probe adapters, Agilent is expanding its offering of oscilloscope probes and accessories with the following new products:    

Agilent N2795A 1-GHz and N2796A 2-GHz single-ended active probes 

  • Feature 1-Mohm input impedance and 1-pF input capacitance for low signal loading
  • Probe’s built-in headlight helps engineers view small components on their circuits under test
  • Directly powered by the oscilloscope's AutoProbe interface; external power supply not required  

Agilent N2887A 36-channel Pro and N2888A 18-channel half-channel InfiniiMax soft touch probe heads 

  • Connect Agilent soft touch connectorless probes to the input connectors of Agilent InfiniiMax I and II Series probe amplifiers
  • Probe heads enable engineers to probe high-density signals with up to 4 GHz of bandwidth
  • Probes allow engineers to make multichannel measurements commonly required in DDR memory testing and in other space-constrained high-speed applications

Agilent N2893A current probes 

  • 100 MHz, 15 A AC/DC probe with AutoProbe interface for InfiniiVision and Infiniium oscilloscopes
  • Features auto degauss (demagnetisation) and auto calibration to remove residual magnetism and unwanted DC offset in the probe
  • Helps engineers make more accurate low-level DC current measurements
  • Accurately captures transient or steady-state currents, essential for testing and debugging modern power electronic devices  

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