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article image ATS-620 array test system.

AGILENT Technologies has introduced a test system that features a 33 per cent increase in data channels for testing amorphous silicon thin-film transistor (TFT) arrays typically used in large, flat-panel televisions and computer displays.

By offering 7,680 channels per test head, Agilent can test today's ultra-high-resolution panels and is prepared to test even higher resolution screens in the future.

With the Agilent 88000 Series ATS-620 array test system, manufacturers can cut costs and lower total average cycle time in volume production by either testing more panels in parallel, or testing higher-resolution screens.

Agilent's ATS-620 supports seventh and eighth-generation glass fabrication lines and beyond, and offers multi-site test and superior defect detection.

Using four test heads, multiple gate activation and 15,360 data channels, the ATS-620 is able to achieve the fastest a-Si TFT testing throughput.

Since picture quality is a major competitive differentiator for flat-panel-display TV and PC monitor makers, the ATS-620 was designed to handle the most cutting-edge processes for creating high-picture-quality panels with complex pixel structures.

The Agilent ATS-620 enables electrical testing of all pixels and subpixels covering transistor, capacitor, electrode and bus lines, and prevents any defective pixels in the a-Si TFT array manufacturing process from entering the next phase of production.

By automatically checking the TFT characteristics and the open/short status of the lines and pixels, the ATS-620 is able to accurately determine the defect mode, resulting in a large increase in yield, an improvement in manufacturing productivity and a significant reduction in test costs.

The Agilent ATS-620 is a complete test solution, including hardware, software services and application consulting.

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