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Router tester lowers testing costs

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AGILENT Technologies has introduced its new RouterTester 900 which provides developers of core and metro/edge routers with a scalable system for validating the performance and flexibility of network equipment.

The RouterTester 900 lowers testing costs by offering a tenfold increase in all key aspects of the platform's protocol and traffic testing capabilities, and the highest test system port density available.

"With service providers facing increasing IP network traffic and shrinking equipment purchasing budgets, scalability has become the new competitive battleground for established and emerging router developers," says Bill Wood, vice president and general manager of Agilent's Advanced Networks Division.

"Our next-generation RouterTester 900 allows these developers to test routers to the limit, and then document those performance capabilities for prospective customers."

As IP traffic continues to increase in size and complexity, and service providers seek increased efficiencies, router scalability has become a key competitive issue for manufacturers.

The RouterTester 900 offers a tenfold increase in all key aspects of testing capacity in a smaller, easier-to-use "card and chassis" design.

A standard six-foot equipment rack (40U) can hold up to 160 ports of synchronised OC-3c, OC-12c, or OC-48c; or up to 1,280 ports of 10/100 ethernet creating the highest test system port density available in the industry.

Up to three racks can be connected together, with measurements synchronised across all chassis. Up to 60 chassis can be controlled by a single PC, with performance measurements, such as latency, synchronised to 10ns. The new system is fully backward compatible with existing RouterTester and QA Robot modules.

The new architecture includes a four-slot chassis and modular cards with increased processing power for ATM, POS and 10/100 ethernet testing. Users can test up to 1,000 routing sessions and 50,000 MPLS tunnels on each port. More than 2,000 independently controlled traffic streams can be generated and analysed by each port.

Because the RouterTester 900 chassis occupies only two rack units (2U), customers can significantly reduce the space and power consumption required to create extremely large test systems. Cards can also be hot-swapped between chassis, providing greater flexibility and reducing configuration time.

RouterTester provides a comprehensive solution for combined routing and wire-speed packet generation and analysis at rates up to 10Gb/s, as well as automated protocol conformance testing.

The product supports the complete combination of ATM, ethernet and POS technologies used to interface to optical networks and deliver local services. Agilent 039210 2824.

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