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Realistic simulated stress testing

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article image Quickly identify performance limitations.

EXTREME Networks has chosen the Agilent RouterTester 900 test system to verify the performance of its Ethernet automatic protection switching (EAPS) capability.

Using RouterTester, performance limitations can be identified quickly and cost-effectively, enabling the development of highly scalable network equipment and services.

Extreme Networks worked with BT Exact, BT's research, technology and IT operations business, to verify its EAPS.

BT Exact designs and delivers carrier-scale networks and offers practical experience to help telecom equipment manufacturers understand how their products will respond when used in typical live network environments.

BT Exact's test plan called for simulating thousands of IP traffic flows from hundreds of thousands of customer networks.

RouterTester 900 was chosen because its highly scalable routing-protocol emulation capability could fully stress Extreme's Summit fixed configuration Ethernet switches while accurately measuring sub-second recovery time and the latency and loss of each data packet.

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