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Quality-of-service assurance solution

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AGILENT Technologies has released a comprehensive quality-of-service assurance solution that collects data from various sources for a single, intelligent view of problems that affect voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) service.

The Agilent OSS VoIP QoS Manager helps service providers proactively identify and isolate problems, minimising downtime while providing higher quality of service (QoS) and reducing customer turnover.

The Agilent VoIP QoS Manager provides a single view of VoIP service quality, including connectivity, network performance and voice quality. It extends Agilent’s NgN Analysis System suite of service-control management solutions to incorporate the results of active voice quality tests, creating a customer-oriented view of VoIP QoS.

Agilent has partnered with Brix Networks to complement its signalling-based VoIP solution. Brix Networks provides end-to-end, voice quality verification that is integrated with Agilent's VoIP QoS Manager to create the VoIP QoS management solution.

Agilent's VoIP QoS Manager consolidates data from monitoring systems and network elements into a single screen, providing operations personnel with high-level views of network health as well as graphical drill-down to quickly identify the cause of quality degradation.

The solution provides proactive service problem detection by summarising data from active and passive voice quality testing, the VoIP signalling and network elements status. This allows service providers to identify problems before customers recognise them, quickly isolate and prioritise problems, and manage the resolution efficiently.

In addition to standards support and pre-configured interfaces that make it easier to connect with multi-vendor data sources.

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