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article image Range of modular power system extended.

AGILENT Technologies has introduced new modules and paralleling capabilities to its modular power system that extend its range up to 100V or 80A.

The Agilent N6700 low-profile modular power system (MPS) is a 1U (1-EIA rack unit) high, multiple-output programmable dc power supply system that gives test system integrators in the aerospace/defense, consumer electronics, computers and peripherals, communications, semiconductor and automotive industries the flexibility to optimise performance, power and price to match test needs.

Three basic programmable power supply modules have been added to the Agilent N6700 MPS to extend its range of coverage up to 100V and 20A. For example, the 5V, 20A module provides high current at low voltage for applications including digital logic device testing and burn-in. The 100V, 1A module provides high voltage at low current for applications including field effect transistor voltage breakdown testing.

New virtual channel capabilities simplify the process of paralleling and improve performance when operating in parallel. A virtual channel enables engineers to set up the MPS to treat up to four channels as a single, synchronised channel up to 80A to address applications requiring currents greater than any single output can provide. Its paralleling capability is the industry's first to support all power supply functions without writing a single line of code to manage the interaction and synchronisation of the paralleled power supplies.

The Agilent N6700 MPS also has been enhanced to provide programmable voltage slew rate, which is required for such applications as inrush limiting or powering rate-sensitive devices. This capability enables engineers to generate a 0V to full-scale voltage change that is controllable from 100ms to 10 seconds with a single programming command.

The Agilent N6700 modular power system offers processing speeds up to 10 to 50 times faster than other programmable power supplies, built-in digital multimeters, the choice of 50W and 100W output power levels, various voltage and current combinations, and three performance levels in a 1U-high package. It enables test system engineers to mix and match from 16 different dc power modules to create a one to four-channel dc power system optimised to meet specific automatic test equipment (ATE) application requirements. Test system engineers can invest in high-performance outputs where speed and accuracy are needed, or purchase basic performance outputs for simple DC power requirements.

It also offers high-speed test extensions and autoranging output capabilities that help simplify system configuration and enable one power supply to do the job of several traditional ones. The N6700 MPS is an Agilent system-ready test instrument that provides universal serial bus (USB 2.0), 10/100 Base-T Ethernet (LAN) and general-purpose interface bus (GPIB) interfaces as standard features. This allows quick and simple connectivity to a PC or to a network for access across an engineering workgroup. It can also be remotely operated from any browser by connecting to its built-in Web page for control and monitoring of power supply operations.

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