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PSA, MXA analysers available from Agilent Technologies

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Agilent Technologies  has announced a series of new analysis capabilities for its PSA high-performance spectrum analyser and mid-range MXA signal analyser, including the addition of up to 80MHz analysis bandwidth to the millimetre-wave PSA spectrum analyser and 2-channel, analogue baseband analysis for the N9020A MXA signal analyser.

These new capabilities extend the analysis power of Agilent Technologies’ signal and spectrum analysers, enabling them to address even the most difficult application challenges.

Agilent Technologies’ addition of up to 80MHz analysis bandwidth on the 44- and 50-GHz millimetre-wave PSAs (E4446A/E4448A) provides the ideal 50GHz spectrum analyser with a 14-bit, 80MHz bandwidth digitiser.

The added bandwidth allows R&D engineers working on millimetre-wave digital communications in the satellite and emerging wireless communications, aerospace and defence industries to analyse complex signals with higher symbol rates, which are carried by millimetre-wave frequencies.

The 14-bit digitisers provide a wide dynamic range for accurate signal analysis with minimum distortion. By using the PSA's built-in flexible digital modulation analysis or connecting to Agilent Technologies’ 89600 series vector signal analysis (VSA) software, engineers can now easily analyse and troubleshoot a wider variety of complex digital modulation formats.

Agilent Technologies’ 2-channel, analogue baseband analysis for the N9020A MXA signal analyser allows baseband R&D engineers, from wireless chipset to satellite communication, to use one instrument for both baseband and RF analysis.

The MXA is an innovative signal analyser on the market to offer this baseband analysis capability with 500MSa baseband memory standard.

A connection to both active and passive Infiniium probes enables fast, automatic probe detection. When combined with Agilent Technologies’ 89600 VSA software, R&D engineers can effectively troubleshoot more than 50 demodulation formats at baseband or RF with just a single instrument, and can run 2-channel independent vector analysis to check 2-channel correlations or timings.

The Agilent PSA Series spectrum analyser offers high-performance spectrum analysis up to 50GHz with a leading-edge combination of analysis bandwidth, flexibility, speed, accuracy and dynamic range.

The Agilent MXA is a fast, accurate, high performance mid-range signal analyser. The N9020A MXA is available in four frequency range options - 3.6, 8.4, 13.6 and 26.5GHz - and offers a wide range of advanced measurement applications running inside the instrument, including industry 89600 VSA software.

The millimetre-wave PSA spectrum analyser with up to 80MHz analysis bandwidth and Agilent Technologies’ N9020A MXA signal analyser with 2-channel, analogue baseband analysis are available now.

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