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AGILENT Technologies has introduced the latest release of its integrated optical network management solution, which gives service providers the ability to ensure high quality and availability of service.

Agilent accessFIBER helps the optical service provider increase network efficiency and reduce operational costs through its new modular approach to the critical functions required to provide real-time, full visibility of the optical inventory and its working conditions.

Agilent's newest release of accessFIBER, one of several Agilent operations support system (OSS) solutions, is a highly scalable, physical network management system that integrates network planning and engineering, installation and commissioning, network operations, and network maintenance into one modular-based solution.

Service providers can realise a quicker return on investment (ROI) because of the solution's ability to work with other CORBA-based element management systems such as those from Nortel.

The module can be used as a standalone application or as an integrated solution leveraging all modules.

Key enhancements include:

· Faster time-to-service and efficient use of network resources by providing an accurate and easy-to-access network inventory database;

· Predictable and optimised performance of DWDM networks and increased efficiency in Lambda provisioning through integration of DWDM measurement capabilities in DWDM workstations;

· Quicker ROI and reduced operational costs from access to real-time network information, root-cause-analysis and CORBA-based interfaces that provide integration with other OSS solutions and remote control to accessFIBER; and

· Reduced network downtime for SLA compliance and high quality of service guarantees from precise and rapid physical network measurements of fault location used to analyse network health. Agilent 03 9210 2824.

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