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New test system speeds throughput

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AGILENT Technologies has announced two new models of the Agilent 4070 Series test system.

The Agilent 4072B and 4073B enable semiconductor manufacturers to reduce test time for capacitance measurements and dc measurements in advanced semiconductor wafer manufacturing processes by offering up to 40 per cent higher throughput.

The new members of the 4070 Series feature an integrated high-speed capacitance meter, which is embedded into each system's test head.

The integrated capacitance meter performs measurements up to three times faster than previous models of the 4070 Series, and is the main feature contributing to the overall throughput and productivity improvements of the new test systems.

The 4073B also provides ultra-low current measurements for advanced laboratory or production test. In addition, both new systems feature hardware and firmware enhancements that reduce dc current measurement time by up to 20 percent in ranges 1μA or larger. In typical parametric test, the 4072B and 4073B provide about 40 per cent higher throughput.

The 4072B and 4073B are fully compatible with earlier versions of the 4070 Series. Test engineers can use the same test programs and measurement algorithms used on older 4070 Series testers, saving test program development time.

The new models are also command compatible with earlier 4070 Series systems, eliminating ramp-up time associated with learning how to control a new test system.

With an installed base of more than 2500 units worldwide, the 4070 Series offers semiconductor test engineers proven parametric test performance.

The 4072B and 4073B build on the 4070 Series' reputation by adding high-speed capacitance measurement, higher-speed current measurement, multi-frequency capacitance measurement up to 2MHz, and new frequency sweep commands.

Every model of the 4070 Series enables full automation, is customisable, boasts high throughput rates, and is generally known for highly accurate measurements.

Additionally, the 4070 Series supports SPECS, SPECS-FA, VPA/PME and PDQ-WLR, and is ideal for supporting fully automated 300mm processes.

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