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New 4-Quadrant General-Purpose Source Measure Units from Agilent Technologies

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Agilent Technologies  introduces the N6784A 4-quadrant general-purpose source measure unit (SMU) to the N6700 modular power system family.  

N6784A source measure units offer advanced sourcing and measurement capabilities in four quadrants, and are designed for general-purpose electronic test applications.  

Precision error-free operation in the N6784A SMUs ensure safe and stable use with any device under test (DUT) during output and measurement range changes.  

A key advantage in the new SMU is its unique ability to remain stable with DUT capacitances of up to 150 µF.  

The SMU's four-quadrant operation enables it to act as a bipolar power supply or bipolar electronic load, providing even greater versatility.  

The N6784A source measure units are equally stable and reliable in a test system or on a lab bench.    

Key features of N6784A 4-quadrant source measure units:

  • Glitch-free sourcing and measurement for changing output and measurement ranges  
  • 4-quadrant operation allows the SMU to perform as a bipolar voltage or current source, or as a bipolar constant-voltage or constant-current electronic load  
  • 4 current programming ranges to precisely source current down to microamps  
  • 4 current measurement ranges to precisely capture the current levels of the DUT during different modes of operation  
  • Excellent transient response for keeping the voltage or current stable during high-speed load changes  
  • Fast modulation of DC output for creating waveforms up to 100 kHz to stimulate or load down the DUT
  • High-speed digitised measurements for capturing and viewing the power consumption of the DUT

The N6700 modular power system family consists of the N6700 low-profile mainframes for ATE and the N6705 DC power analyser mainframes for R&D.  

The product family has four mainframes and 25 DC power modules, providing a complete spectrum of solutions from R&D through design validation and manufacturing.  

Agilent offers a wide variety of SMUs in the four categories of high precision, application specific, general purpose and basic to meet different requirements of test applications such as level of accuracy, speed of measurements and operating ranges.

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