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N5106A PXB MIMO receiver testers available from Agilent Technologies

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Agilent Technologies  have announced the LTE real-time signal generation and channel emulation solution for the base station test. Agilent Technologies’ Signal Studio for 3GPP LTE software, designed for the PXB MIMO receiver tester, provides base station receiver test capabilities. According to Agilent Technologies, the Agilent PXB MIMO receiver tester is designed with up-to-date, LTE signal creation and channel emulation capabilities. The Agilent PXB MIMO receiver tester simplifies the validation of eNB throughput as per the 3GPP specifications.

Agilent Technologies’ N5106A PXB MIMO receiver tester, with the N7624B Signal Studio for 3GPP LTE, now supports advanced real-time LTE testing with HARQ (Hybrid Automatic Repeat Request) feedback from the device under test. This enables closed-loop testing with dynamically changing LTE test signals, which is essential for measuring receiver performance as defined in the 3GPP LTE specification. To simulate realistic propagation conditions in a variety of different environments, the mandatory fading profiles defined in the eNB performance requirements or custom-defined fading profiles can be added to the real-time LTE signals along with Additive White Gaussian Noise (AWGN)

Agilent Technologies’ N5106A PXB MIMO receiver tester capabilities include:

  • transforming complex channel emulation up to 4x2 MIMO into a calibrated and repeatable test process for R&D engineers developing BTS or mobile receivers
  • supporting wireless standards, including WiMAX and LTE
  • summing LTE test signals with interferers created by other Signal Studio applications, such as W-CDMA or GSM, or users’ custom IQ waveforms files

Agilent Technologies’ Signal Studio software with the PXB delivers transport channel coded signals needed for testing ASICs in the baseband section of the LTE base station receiver. Test signal configuration is simplified with Fixed Reference Channel (FRC) predefined setups for receiver testing.

The N5106A PXB MIMO receiver tester generates real-time signals with seamless streams of data across frame boundaries, as opposed to a truncated data sequence that is repeated in every frame. This enables bit error rate (BER) measurements with continuous data sequences in addition to the block error rate and throughput measurements. The real-time solution supports QPSK, 16QAM and the 64QAM with pseudo-random data sequences or user-defined data payloads.

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