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Multiple output programmable dc power supply system

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AGILENT Technologies Inc. has introduced four new modules and two mainframes to its modular power system that extend its range to 1200W.

This makes it the industry leader in the number of outputs and amount of power that can be packed into a 1U (1-EIA rack unit) rack-mountable system.

These products represent Agilent's next step in a series of enhancements to the Agilent N6700 low-profile modular power system (MPS).

The N6700 gives test system integrators in the aerospace/defense, consumer electronics, computers and peripherals, communications, semiconductor and automotive industries the flexibility to optimise performance, power and price to match test needs.

The two new mainframes, offering 600W and 1200W capability, join the currently available 400W mainframe. All mainframes accommodate one to four modules in a system-ready, 1U package size.

Four new 300W basic programmable power supply modules have been added to the Agilent N6700 to extend its range of coverage.

The four new 300W modules, available from 20V, 15A, to 100V and 3A, are basic dc power supplies that pack maximum power in a module that occupies only one slot in a mainframe.

The four new modules, together with the 16 modules already being offered, comprise a family ranging in power from 50W to 300W at three different performance levels (basic, high-performance and precision).

Test system integrators can mix and match any of these 20 modules in any of the three MPS mainframes to create a dc power system of one to four outputs totaling 400W, 600W or 1200W of dc power.

The Agilent N6700 has new power management features that allow the user to allocate mainframe power to the outputs where it's needed, achieving maximum asset utilisation and flexibility. This feature is unique in the market and provides the safety from unexpected and dangerous shutdowns that can occur with power systems without power management when operated in a similar way.

The N6702A 1200W MPS mainframe automatically senses power available from the ac line and scales back the available output power accordingly, allowing this high-power mainframe to be plugged into any standard outlet. This is convenient for initial bench checkout of the MPS system. It is also convenient for test development, which is typically done on the bench when DUT is not yet driven to full power.

Agilent has also added polarity reversal relays as an option to its 50W, 100W and new 300W basic dc modules. These relays are integrated inside the module, saving rack space and simplifying system wiring.

With a single command, a user can switch the output from a positive voltage to a negative voltage without changing wiring. This capability is ideal for reverse voltage breakdown testing, or for testing to ensure that DUT designs can withstand reversed bias voltages, such as installing batteries backward into a portable device.

The Agilent N6700 modular power system offers industry-leading processing speeds up to 10 to 50 times faster than other programmable power supplies.

The system includes built-in digital multimeters, a wide selection of 50W, 100W and 300W output power levels at various voltage/current combinations and the choice of three performance levels in a 1U-high package.

The N6700 MPS is an Agilent system-ready test instrument that is designed to comply with LXI Class C. It provides universal serial bus (USB 2.0), 10/100 Base-T Ethernet (LAN) and general-purpose interface bus (GPIB) interfaces as standard features, allowing quick and simple connectivity to a PC, or to a network for access across an engineering workgroup.

The Agilent N6700 can also be remotely operated from any browser by connecting to its built-in Web page for control and monitoring of power supply operations.

The Agilent N6700 MPS is part of the Agilent Open product offering that ensures industry-standards-based open connectivity in hardware and software.

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