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Mixer-calibration for RF network analysers

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article image Both vector and scalar-mixer calibration capabilities.

AGILENT Technologies has introduced the first mixer measurement capabilities for RF network analysers.

The Agilent E5070B/71B-008 ENA RF frequency-offset mode (FOM) option for Agilent's RF network analysers offers both vector and scalar-mixer calibration capabilities in a single instrument without an external PC to provide exceptionally accurate mixer measurements.

The FOM offers two new mixer-calibration techniques that enable R&D and manufacturing engineers to more accurately characterise frequency-translating devices such as RF mixers and converters for improved product quality and performance.

In addition to providing frequency offset sweep, external signal source control, and fixed IF/RF measurement capabilities, the ENA with the FOM option enables engineers to perform nonlinear measurements.

Features include:

* Vector-mixer calibration that enables RF engineers for the first time to make exceptionally accurate absolute group delay measurements, which are used to verify the phase linearity of RF components.

* Scalar-mixer calibration, another industry-first capability, that provides RF engineers with the most accurate conversion loss measurements by automatically correcting for errors resulting from input and output port mismatches on the device under test.

* "Avoid spurious" function enables engineers to avoid spurious signals, which simplifies mixer measurements by eliminating harmonics from RF and LO signals without the use of external filters.

The FOM option also provides harmonics measurement capabilities that offer faster speeds and higher accuracy than measurements performed using a spectrum analyzer and signal source.

Harmonics measurements are used for nonlinear evaluation of devices, including semiconductor switches, amplifiers, and front-end modules.

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