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AGILENT Technologies has announced the availability of connectorless probes that offer the industry's lowest electrical loading for all its logic analyser users.

The Agilent E5394A soft touch probe enables a direct connection from the probe to targets on a printed circuit board without the use of an adapter.

This reduces capacitive loading by 80 percent, compared to other connectorless solutions, minimising the effect of the probe on system performance.

In addition, the new Agilent soft touch probe footprint is 70 percent smaller than other connectorless solutions, simplifying the validation of high-speed digital designs that are tight on space or that require minimal disruption of signal routing.

In connectorless probing applications, the connector traditionally used for validating digital designs is replaced by an array of probe pads.

This helps design engineers in the computer, semiconductor and communications industries to streamline the design process.

In addition, the easy-to-use Agilent E5394A soft touch probes don't require special cleaning or special surface finishes of the probe pads to make a reliable connection.

The E5394A soft touch probe is a 34-channel, single-ended, connectorless probe that is compatible with all Agilent logic analysers that use a 40-pin connector interface.

The Agilent E5394A soft touch probe uses micro spring-pin technology to enable reliable connection to the probe pads.

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