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LXI Class B plans for MXA Signal Analyzer and MXG Signal Generator released by Agilent Technologies

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Agilent Technologies Inc. has unveiled that the Agilent MXA signal analyzer and the MXG signal generator, which will have options available for LXI class B compliance by fall 2007. LXI class B provides synchronization and IEEE 1588 precision time capabilities. Agilent offers 75 LXI-compliant products.

The Agilent MXA and MXG are currently LXI class C compliant. They are part of Agilent's industry-leading portfolio of LXI-compliant instruments, which includes the Agilent N8200A synthetic instruments platform, the first available set of LXI class A compliant instruments.

According to System Products Division, this is a next step in Agilent's commitment to broadening the LXI offering and the capabilities of LAN-based instrumentation under the LXI guidance provides customers with an incredible selection of 144 instruments from the leading worldwide test and measurement companies.

The Agilent N9020A MXA signal analyzer is the industry's fastest signal analyzer with the highest accuracy of any midrange analyzer. N9020A MXA signal analyzer's industry-leading measurement speed enables dramatically improved throughput and yields in manufacturing. Agilent's new MXA platform allows flexible signal and spectrum analysis measurements for the design and manufacture of wireless communication devices to current and emerging standards.

The Agilent N5181A and N5182A MXG analog and vector signal generators offer the industry adjacent, channel power ratio (ACPR) performance and switching speeds, coupled with simplified self-maintenance to maximize uptime. These signal generators are ideal for manufacturing teams producing components and receivers for communications systems, as well as in high-performance, base station MCPA (multi-carrier power amplifier) design and low-volume manufacturing.

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