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Interactive online demonstration highlights web capabilities

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AGILENT Technologies Inc . has granted online access to three operational instruments, compatible with the LAN eXtensions for Instrumentation (LXI) standard, through the instruments' built-in webpages.

From their desktops, visitors to the "LXI Live" website can interact with each product, viewing actual webpages that display information such as product description, functionality and configuration. This type of remote, web-based access to a measurement system illustrates the distributed, global test capabilities enabled by LXI-compliant products.

LXI Live lets anyone use a Java-enabled browser to explore the interactive Web pages that are built into and served by the LXI-compliant instruments. The address for LXI Live is www.get.agilent.com/webinstrument. To view the interactive instrument pages, a visitor's Web browser must be able to run Java applets.

Scott Sampl, vice president and LXI spokesperson for Agilent's Electronic Measurements Group, says this interactive online demonstration shows some of the long-distance capabilities LXI makes available to system creators.

He says browser-based access to LXI instruments not only speeds and simplifies system configuration, it also enables instrument or system troubleshooting- and team collaboration- from across town or across multiple time zones.

Currently, two identical groups of instruments are accessible via the website, allowing visitors to monitor two "environments" live. Each set includes an Agilent 34410A digital multimeter (DMM), an L4433A dual 4x8 cross-point matrix and an L4451A four-channel digital-to-analog converter (DAC). The Agilent L4451A DAC provides a 60-Hz sine wave with a DC offset, and the L4433A switch matrix routes this signal to the 34410A DMM for measurement. The Agilent 34410A "Browser Web Control" page shows a replica of the instrument's numeric readout, which changes in real time as the input voltage fluctuates. The 34410A and the L4400 family are also part of Agilent Open.

Agilent Open is a versatile combination of test system hardware, I/O and software tools. It accelerates the creation of streamlined test systems that are easy to enhance and maintain by giving greater choice in measurements, connectivity and programming. Using these advantages, engineering teams have more time to focus on what matters most- the performance, reliability and delivery of their product. More information is available at www.agilent.com/find/open.

LXI is the LAN-based successor to GPIB. The LXI standard goes beyond GPIB to provide additional capabilities that reduce the time it takes to set up, configure and debug test systems. LXI also helps integrators leverage the time and effort already invested in system software and architecture.

The standard is managed by the LXI Consortium, a not-for-profit corporation comprised of leading test and measurement companies. The group's goals are to develop, support and promote the LXI standard. LXI's flexible packaging, high-speed I/O, and prolific use of LAN address a broad range of commercial, industrial, aerospace and military applications.

Additional information about LXI-compliant products as well as licensing, specifications and consortium membership is available at www.lxistandard.org.

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